What Participants Say

What Participants Say

Journey into Healing through Residential Workshops in Christian Groups

Journey into Healing Participants

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"I have discovered hidden depths in myself which have never before been allowed to blossom and flourish." 

"It was very unusual and reassuring for me to feel so safe and held by the group and the professionalism of the leaders." 

"I had the revelation of my life, which transformed the way I was dealing with my son’s death". "Mind blowing!"

"A totally new experience for me, but has proved to be a vital step on my spiritual journey"

"six months have gone by since I attended a growth group. So I wanted to say thank you and to say it six months down the line so you’ll know it wasn’t just a flash in the pan but touched my life forever . I’m doing fine! … a near miracle if not actually one… It is just that I thought you would appreciate and understand as I think prayer and sacrifice are themes that are precious to you. They are to me too now.

"I know deep within me that something of great significance has happened for me."

"Sometimes we reach a point in life when we have choices to make regarding our life-journey and we need to look carefully at where we are and maybe explore where we might go in the future. I came to such a place several years ago and was able to go to a "Journey into Healing" weekend and explore some of my life issues in a safe, prayerful environment alongside others in a confidential group led by an experienced leader."

"The weekend opened up for me some long-standing and painful issues and, with the help of the group dynamics, I was able to gain practical help in beginning a process that continues to this day. The weekend only "works" if you are prepared to expect the unexpected and work with whatever comes up for you and the other members of the group. Also, it may be necessary to follow up the work begun here in order to move forward and there are opportunities to explore where to go next."

"The weekend for me was a way of kick-starting a new phase of my life, but for others, it can be a time for trying out new ways of being with people who have no pre-conceived ideas about who we are and what roles we fulfil in our daily lives. It can be a liberating experience that takes us further on the journey into the heart of God that is truly a journey into healing."

"I was enabled to deal with some very long-standing and painful material."

"It did seem a group where everyone was very open and vulnerable but with a great sense of support and love. I know that looking back it helped me to see some of the things which lie behind my coming to terms with my wife’s death and I do feel I can move on from all that God gave me in her to a future he has for me without her—though in a sense she is still with me."

"…I was excited about Journey into Healing yet so fearful, running out of the sea to the safety of the shore. The whole three days has been a wonderful adventure, safe yet risky. Thank you so much for all you gave…. I look back with tears, overwhelmed at your love for each one of us, and with joy following all that has happened. I have escaped from a joyless existence, trapped in darkness where so many decisions seemed predetermined, to a wonderful new land of music, dancing, rainbows and freedom."

"I can breathe in places I didn't know existed." 

"A unique weekend."



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