How Groups Work

How Healing Groups Work

Journey into Healing Workshop information

                I’m going out to clean the pasture spring;
                I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away
                (and wait to watch the water clear, I may)
                I shan’t be gone long—you come too.

                Robert Frost

Journey into Healing blends a workshop into a retreat setting. In groups of six to eight with two facilitators, each group member is given time to explore various aspects of ‘unfinished situations’ in his or her life. Raking some leaves away may free a person to see the way through a difficult situation to find freedom to make a pressing decision. Often members come unsure of anything to ‘work on’, but through the support of others, they discover their purpose, find out more about themselves or have their story heard and held.

While all of the facilitators have training and experience in spiritual accompaniment, healing prayer, and various therapies, the primary approach used in Journey into Healing is Gestalt.

Gestalt recognizes emotional and physical healing as a natural process. Journey into Healing adds a Christian perspective that believes the Holy Spirit is intimately and personally involved in the process that God’s grace offers ways for this healing to occur.

The Gestalt facilitator acts as a catalyst that enables a member to strive toward wholeness which may include talking to a situation or person rather than talking about it.

As a retreatant brings a pressing 'unfinished situation’ into the ‘here and now’, he or she will be invited to explore some suggestions in order to move toward a completion, a Gestalt.

Journey into Healing Workshops—

  • Generally begin with a meal on the designated day and conclude with a communion service.
  • Each full day begins with a brief ‘Morning has broken’ time before breakfast to focus on becoming more aware to ourselves and to God. These opportunities are optional.
  • All who attend must be willing to honour the confidentiality of other group members and to be active participants rather than observers.


The purpose of the workshops is to be open to ourselves, to each other and to God for growth and healing.

Who is it for?  It is suitable for all who are looking for healing and growth in their personal and spiritual lives. The growth looked for may be in our relationships or in our inner, emotional or spiritual lives. It is not a requirement that group members be  professing Christians, but this is the context in which the groups run.

What happens?  Much of the time is spent in small groups facilitated by experienced leaders. On the residential workshops there is also worship and some introductory teaching.

What kind of groups?  The group work includes personal growth work. Gestalt and ‘Here and Now’ approaches, healing the inner child, and an openness to the healing work of the Holy Spirit—all in a worshipful atmosphere and peaceful surroundings. More information about groups will be sent when you apply.

What is Gestalt?  Gestalt approaches are creative, encourage self-awareness and insist on respect, freedom of choice and personal responsibility.

Our small groups become safe places to risk being authentic and exploring whatever is blocking the fullness of life we desire and which Christ came to bring. Workshops can be a personal healing experience and at the same time a workshop to enhance and inform one’s own ministry. It is understood that no one is accepted as an observer, but that all participate in the group work. Strong feelings are sometimes expressed in the groups.

What participants say:

‘I have discovered hidden depths in myself which have never before been allowed to blossom and flourish.’

‘It was very unusual and reassuring for me to feel so safe and held by the group and the professionalism of the leaders.’

‘I had the revelation of my life, which transformed the way I was dealing with my son’s death.’

‘Mind blowing!’

Bursaries may be available for the low-waged. Please enquire with your application.



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